Let’s get some home truths established before any ‘recovery’ disguises the facts.

The political systems of the world – the entire world – are totally corrupt if examined through the lense of decent moral standards as imparted to our innocent children. The politicians, however sweet and fair they appear to be, are privy to the corruption of their system, and ride the gravy train regardless, simply to line their own nests, further their selfish ambitions and to succeed – one way or another. They will stoop to any illegal wangle to make it happen.

The financial systems of the world are intact but underpinned by powerful forces of greed and corruption who work together with the political engine to hide the chicanery that they devise and perpetuate. The individuals who create and strengthen this tawdry system of deceipt, are the most corrupt and vile of the professional crooks who steal your money and the futures of your children, in the name of materialism. Selfish, greedy and heartless, their fate must be truly awful. Must.

At the height of the financial crisis, governments around the world were suddenly able to produce billions, even trillions of dollars to re-balance and repair the shaky global financial system. Only days before this remarkable initiative saved hundreds of corrupt companies and individuals, governments were in discussion as to how they might raise just a few billions of dollars to help the starving children of Africa. The pre-financial crisis rhetoric suggested that it was basically out of the question that the Western nations could simply put their hands in their pockets to save the lives of millions of children. Such largesse was outlandish, they said, especially given how corrupt some of the politicians are in Africa! Thank goodness they saved all the money to save Wall Street and bankers’ bonuses instead.

Let it not be forgotten that the people on this planet who have any kind of an education are now aware of how bad things are, and while they – nay we – may not know immediately what to do about it, they know now they are being cheated and lied to and even swindled.

And when you are wrong, evil, corrupt and amoral, the good guys, the guys you cheat, will come and get you.